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Providing Swim Lessons 2 years - 5 years

in Greenville, SC

* Schedule for spring 2024 will be published by the end of January. 

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The Leading Cause of death among 1-4-year-old is drowning.  It is our passion to significantly lower that statistic by teaching toddlers to be water safe.  

We focus on the following skills:

  • Water submersion

  • Breath control (learning to hold breath when under water, inhaling a full breath of air and exhaling underwater)

  • Buoyancy (ability to float in water even without movement)

  • Body positioning (horizontal swim position verse vertical drowning position)

  • Movement (reaching with arms and kicking with feet)

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I knew to survive southern summers with 5 kids under 4.5 years of age, I would need them to swim.  However, after spending 6 weeks in a local swim class with my 3-year-old daughter where she only learned to sit on the side of the pool, wait patiently, and blow bubbles there had to be a better method. I spent countless hours calling local swim schools and instructors only to be told the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t recommend swim lessons until the age of 4. I was further told that swimming should be fun and we didn’t want to scare the kids.  However, I knew my children needed to respect the water and learn survival skills. Finally, I found a swim instructor who used patience and repetition to teach my daughter to swim. After the first lesson, my 3-year-old was jumping off the side of the pool, turning around, and swimming back to the wall.  I was amazed at how quickly she progressed in 30 minutes after seeing no improvements in the previous 6-week program. I was hooked and became a firm believer in teaching my kids water safety at a young age.  Moving to Alabama the following summer forced me to search again for a swim instructor who would teach my son to swim.  I found none so I spent a week of my summer living in the Drury hotel back in South Carolina.  The same instructor who taught my daughter to swim began teaching my son the same skills.  The following summer I finally found a swim instructor who believed young children could learn water survival skills, so I enrolled my 15-month-old, 2-year-old, and 3-year-old in her two-week program. Through tears and hard work, all of my kids were able to swim at some level. Fast forward ten years later my love for teaching, a house with a pool in the backyard, and a friend’s tragedy prompted me to bring water survival skills to Greenville, SC.  Coming full circle from those first lessons, I traveled with my daughter back to Alabama where we shadowed the lady who taught my kids and her how to swim. 

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  • Classes will consist of groups of 5 or less swimmers.

  • Classes will be 45 minutes in length for 4-5 students and 30 minutes for 2-3 students.  Classes with only one swimmer will be cancelled. 

  • Classes will run 5 consecutive days.

  • You may sign up for multiple sessions this summer.

  • Classes are $125/week per swimmer

  • Classes are located in my heated residential pool, in the Parkins Mill area of Greenville.

  • Please sign up at the sign up genius link on the left.

  • If the group class times offered in the sign up genius do not fit your schedule, please contact me to see if we can coordinate something.

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